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With the benefit of this book "Bonsai Trees - Total Care Guide", you can learn how to craft your own bonsai tree into a beautiful work of art. Inside these pages, you will find tons of information to help you in creating a bonsai you can be proud of.

Do you know:

  • The five styles of bonsai tree sculpting?

  • Whether bonsai should be grown inside or outside?

  • How to find which types of trees are best suited to bonsai?

  • How to make a tree stay small making it a true Bonsai?

  • How to sculpt the tree to make it look like you dream it would? 

After you read this comprehensive guide, you will know all of these answers and so much more!

You won't believe what you can find out about bonsai trees with this valuable book. We've taken advice and tips from those who are "in the know" and put it together right here - in one convenient package. You can get started creating your own bonsai trees just by buying this book.

You might think that growing a tree couldn't be that difficult. You're right! But taking that tree and cultivating it into a miniature form of itself is an art form. You can create that art. Everyone has to start somewhere. You're just lucky you've found "Bonsai" - a definitive guide to get you on your way.

You'll not only get information on bonsai trees, you'll learn how to craft them into a work of art. We'll tell you how to:

  • Plant your bonsai

  • Prune and trim your bonsai into the style you want

  • Wire the tree

  • When and how to water and fertilize

  • Where and how to display your bonsai

  • Taking care of outdoor bonsai in cold weather

  • And much, much more!

Note: This is an E-book - you will get your copy to your mail in PDF file after your purchase.

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