Flowering Brazilian Raintree Bonsai Tree - Small (pithecellobium tortum)

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Product Description

The Flowering Brazilian Raintree Bonsai Tree is a hardwood tree that is native to Brazil and its rainforests.

The raintree has delicate branches and tiny light-green compound leaves and is spiny. The leaves fold up at night or in subdued light and wake up when we do.

Flowers appear as fragrant fuzzy puffballs.

Additional Info

  • Easy indoor care
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Native to Brazil
  • 8 years old, 6-8" tall

Our Customers Love Us

"I absolutely love my new bonsai tree! It's so easy to take care of and the flowers are just beautiful."

"This is the perfect addition to my home. I can't believe how easy it is to take care of."

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