Flowering Myrtle Bonsai Tree - Large Upright Broom Style (myrtus communis 'compacta')

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The Flowering Myrtle Bonsai Tree is a small evergreen tree native to southern Europe and North Africa. The myrtle likes warmer regions and works well in a drought-resilient climate.

The myrtle has white flowers with five petals resembling a star shape. Known for its fragrant oils, the myrtle will bring a pleasant aroma to your home!

Additional Info

  • Beautiful white flowers
  • Does great indoors when placed on a sunny windowsill
  • 9 years old, 14-15" Tall

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"I absolutely love my bonsai tree! It's so beautiful and I get so many compliments on it."

"This is the perfect addition to my garden. It's so fragrant and lovely."

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