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We share beautiful bonsai trees with individuals seeking the unique, serene, and soothing ambiance these glorious miniature trees are renowned for.

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Tsukomo Cypress Bonsai Tree
Tsukomo Cypress Bonsai Tree (chamaecyparis pisifera tsukomo)
Sale price$64.95 Regular price$79.95
Save 17%
Katsura Maple Bonsai Tree
Katsura Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree (Acer palmatum ‘Katsura')
Sale price$99.95 Regular price$119.95
Save 20%
Hibiscus Bonsai Tree
Flowering Sea Hibiscus Bonsai Tree (hibiscus tiliaceus)
Sale price$79.95 Regular price$99.95
Save 17%
Pyracantha Bonsai Tree
Flowering Pyracantha Bonsai Tree (pyracantha 'mohave')
Sale price$99.95 Regular price$119.95

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We will go through some of the most important considerations for their health and growth, such as their watering and feeding needs, pruning, and the act of re-potting.

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