About Green Bonsai

Green Bonsai has maintained a sincere commitment to share  beautiful bonsai trees with individuals seeking the unique, serene, and soothing ambiance these glorious miniature trees are renowned for.

Unlike other bonsai retailers, Green Bonsai proudly sell Bonsai trees in the highest quality condition, trained by experts, with a great customer service and a guaranteed satisfaction.

Each bonsai tree you purchase from Green Bonsai was lovingly, carefully, and expertly grown, and meticulously shaped by a traditionally trained artist.  

We believe in the soothing and healing power of bonsai trees to enhance and encourage sensory serenity within your home or garden.  

The nursery care deeply for each tree that we nurture, from detailed and meticulous care within the nursery to the thorough and thoughtful shipping process.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality trees to individuals who love, respect, and appreciate the bonsai tree as much as we do.  

Each tree purchased from Green Bonsai is accompanied by our incredible customer service, our personal guarantee for greatness, and a safe, seamless delivery service designed to safely transport your new piece of traditional Japanese topiary art direct to your door.

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Our Values

We believe in transparent practices, continuing commitment, and an unending dedication to preserving and promoting the ancient art of Japanese bonsai trees. 

We believe that by sharing our passion for bonsai with others, we are able to help promote a more serene, soothing, and green world for individuals throughout the world to cherish, enjoy, and share with others.  

Our Commitment

Our commitment is not only to you, our customer, but to honoring the ancient art and divine nature of the bonsai tree.  

We are committed to making sure your tree is of the highest possible quality and is carefully packaged and shipped direct to your door.  

Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service and fair prices for the incredible bonsai trees we provide, and stand behind every tree we deliver.

Contact Us

Simply email us at: support@green-bonsai.com, and we will answer any bonsai related questions you might have.


We look forward to serving you!

Green Bonsai Team.