Chinese Seiju Elm Bonsai Tree (ulmus parvifolia 'seiju')

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Native to China, Korea, and Japan, Ulmus parvifolia, commonly known as Chinese Elm or lacebark elm, is a deciduous tree that has a rounded crown.

Its elliptic, toothed, glossy, dark green leaves, mottled bark, and resistance to Dutch Elm disease. Small reddish flowers in late summer. Seeds in fall.

'Seiju' is a dwarf cultivar that is primarily used for rock gardens and bonsai. It is a sort of Ulmus Parvifolia Hokkaido that features slightly larger leaves and a faster growth rate.

Over time it may reach 10' tall if not potted. Bark becomes corky with age.

9 years old, 13"-15" tall.

Note: May be shipped with mature, turning and transitioning foliage in late summer (August), this is a normal, annual process as the tree prepares for dormancy. May be shipped with no foliage during autumn and winter. Tree will emerge from dormancy and re-grow foliage in early Spring.

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Clifton Barrette

Leafing out now, thanks alot

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