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Bonsai Pro Fertilizer
Bonsai Pro Fertilizer
Sale price$16.95
Grow Light Kit - 32 Watt Full Daylight Spectrum (fluorescent grow light 150 watt equivalent)
Bonsai Pot Drainage Hole Covers
Bonsai Pot Drainage Hole Covers
Sale price$2.95
Bonsai Shears
Bonsai Shears - 7" (Modern Style)
Sale price$26.95
101 Essential Tips on Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson
Bonsai Training Wire 3.0 mm Aluminum Training Wire
Heavy Duty Bonsai Wire Cutters
Satsuki Shears Made in China
Satsuki Shears Made in China
Sale price$19.95
Bonsai Training Wire 2.5 mm Aluminum Training Wire
Safer Insect Soap In A Spray Bottle - 8 oz.
Liquid Miracle Gro Pour & Feed Fertilizer - 8 oz.
Green Watering Can for Bonsai
Green Watering Can - 1 Liter
Sale price$18.49
Stainless Steel 3 Piece Scoop Set With Screen
Decorative Volcanic Rock - Timberlite
Tropical Mix Bonsai Soil (indoor trees) - 10 lbs. (5 Qts.)
Bonsai Soil 20 lb
Professional Bonsai Soil 20 lb. Bag (10 Qts.)
Sale price$49.90
Bonsai Soil 2 lbs
Professional Bonsai Soil - 2 lbs. (1 Qt.)
Sale price$12.95

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