Bonsai Pruning

The Art of Bonsai Tree Pruning

Different types of bonsai trees always look with the proper maintenance and care. You need to prune your trees regularly to maintain it shape and size. Pruning bonsai tree is a form of art. Many well know bonsai tree makers around the world use different ways of pruning bonsai trees to make their trees achieve that unique and beautiful look. If you are new to bonsai making and you are just learning the art of pruning bonsai trees, you need to work on your pruning skills a little bit more.

There is no need for you to go to bonsai making classes to learn how to prune your bonsai trees. Yes, going to class is a good thing and you can learn a lot of things from those bonsai making classes but if you do not have the time or the money to go to classes, then you might as well skip those classes and learn about pruning bonsai trees on your own. To get you started, here are some bonsai tree pruning techniques that you should be familiar with.

Bonsai Tree Pruning

 Form Pruning

Form pruning bonsai trees is very popular nowadays. Most bonsai enthusiasts are familiar with this type of pruning. The goal of this bonsai tree pruning method is to make your tree look old. To achieve that old look, you need to cut the larger branches of your tree with the use of a concave cutter. Bonsai Concave cutters create hollows around the wound of the tree and reduce the possibility of ugly scarring on your tree. Do not be too eager or aggressive when it comes to pruning your bonsai tree. Prune your tree as lightly and gently as possible to prevent any damage to its roots. Remember that the root system of your bonsai plant is delicate and could be damaged is you are too aggressive when it comes to pruning your bonsai tree.

Bonsai Maintenance Pruning

Maintenance bonsai tree pruning is important to keep your tree is proper shape. After shaping your tree and removing its larger branches, you need to cut the smaller branches of the tree regularly. Never let the smaller branches of your bonsai tree grow more than they should. Always remember that small branches can grow huge over time and if you let that happen, the overall look of your bonsai plant will be ruined. To make sure that your bonsai tree stay in shape, do maintenance pruning all year round.

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