Ficus Retusa Golden Coin Bonsai Tree - Curved Trunk - Extra Large (ficus retusa)

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Product Description

The Ficus Retusa Golden Coin Bonsai Tree is a beautiful, unique tree that is perfect for any home or office.

This tree has small, dark green, oval leaves and grey to reddish bark that is dotted with small, horizontal flecks. It has a heavy trunk and is trained in the traditional bonsai style.

This tree is sure to add beauty and elegance to any space.

Additional Info

  • Beautiful, unique tree
  • Small, dark green, oval leaves
  • Grey to reddish bark dotted with small, horizontal flecks
  • Heavy trunk
  • Trained in the traditional bonsai style
  • 13 years old, 17 - 19" tall.

Our Customers Love Us

"I absolutely love my Ficus Retusa Bonsai Tree! It's so beautiful and unique. It really adds a touch of elegance to my home." - Sarah K.

"This is the perfect tree for anyone who wants to add a little bit of nature indoors. It's easy to care for and looks great!" - John D.

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