Baby Jade - 3 Bonsai Tree Group (portulacaria afra)

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The Baby Jade - 3 Bonsai Tree Group is an excellent bonsai tree for beginners. It is native to South Africa and has pale green leaves that are almost round and about one-third the size of the common Jade plant. The fleshy trunk, branches, and leaves are used to store water.

We pot 3 trees together in a pot to give the appearance of a grove or forest scene.

Additional Info

  • Beautiful pale green leaves
  • Fleshy trunk, branches, and leaves store water
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 3 tree group, each 4-5 years old, 9" - 11" tall.

Our Customers Love Us

"I am so happy with my purchase of the 3 Bonsai Tree Group. The trees are beautiful and I can't wait to watch them grow!" - Jane S.

"This was my first time buying a bonsai tree and I'm so glad I chose the Baby Jade. It's been easy to care for and is such a peaceful addition to my home." - John D.

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