Desk/Tabletop Grow Light

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This sleek desk or tabletop grow light offers illumination and versatility for indoor growing.

The lamp has a flexible neck and adjustable height to provide clean and balanced light that works great for small and medium-size Bonsai Trees and plants. This lamp provides energy-efficient, flicker-free performance that will be good for your tree for years to come.

The daylight-balanced fluorescent bulb continuously outputs a continuous spectrum of light that closely mimics the visible spectral output of the sun, with very little heat.

Height adjusts between 12" and 26", 6' power cord.

Base Size is 12" x 8".

Lamp Head Size: 9. 5"L x 5. 75"W x 1. 75"H, lamp uses just 14 watts. 

To vary the light intensity or accommodate larger trees, the telescoping stem adjusts from 15" to 26" high.

The well (base of the lamp to hold the pot) measures 7. 5" L x 6. 5" W x . 5" H and can be used as a humidity/drip tray.

To accommodate larger pots, use humidity/drip tray pebbles to fill the well, raise the pot over the edges and provide the traditional pot over rocks look.

A wonderful gift and solution to keep bonsai thriving whether at home, office, or classroom.

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