Money Bonsai Tree - Stump Style (Pachira Aquatica)

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The Money Bonsai Tree is an age-old token of good luck and an invitation to good fortune.

A single thick tree trunk with up to five (5) unusual light green leaves that spread out along the top, the Money Tree is a resilient plant that does not require much care.

Hardy and extremely tolerant of low light, the Money Tree is the perfect plant for those who want to bring good luck into their home without having to worry about taking care of a delicate plant.

Additional Info

  • Ages-old token of good luck
  • Invitation to good fortune
  • Single thick tree trunk
  • Up to five (5) unusual light green leaves
  • Resilient and does not require much care
  • Hardy and extremely tolerant of low light
  • 2 years old, approximately 8"-10" tall

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"I got this money tree as a going-away present from my office and it has been such a great addition to my new place. I love that it doesn't need much sunlight or water and it's already starting to grow new leaves!" -Bonsai lover.
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