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A bonsai pot is a container created exclusively for bonsai, which are plants that have been meticulously miniatured and sculpted in line with an ancient Japanese aesthetic tradition. Additionally, bonsai pots can be used in Beijing, the Chinese bonsai version. Selecting the appropriate container is crucial to presenting a bonsai since the bonsai pot must mix perfectly with the plant, complimenting it and elegantly finishing the artwork.

A bonsai pot is not especially unusual, and individuals might theoretically use a variety of standard planting pots for bonsai, as long as the containers are small and have adequate drainage. The container might be shallow or deep, square or circular, or any number of various shapes, depending on the bonsai aesthetic. Confident gardeners prefer to acquire bonsai pots from Chinese and Japanese potteries producing bonsai pots for centuries, as many of these enterprises employ traditional glazes and construction techniques.

Basic Guidelines on how to pick pot:

A significant component of practicing Bonsai is identifying the correct pot. Specific individuals rely on their gut feelings. However, this may be challenging in the beginning. Thus, below are some fundamental regulations and guidelines to follow. Wishing you success and enjoyment in your search for the future home of your bonsai tree.

Masculine or feminine:

  • The first step is to determine if your tree is masculine or feminine. Typically, a tree has both sexes, and the question is which sex is dominant.
  • This is likely the most critical guideline to follow when selecting a pot. Several characteristics that might assist you along the road are the curves, elegance, smooth bark, and sparse branching.
  • Strength, aged bark, deadwood, a solid trunk, and dense branches match the male characteristics.


    • The basic guideline is that the pot should be equal in height to the trunk's width above the surface roots (Nebari).
    • Typically, oval and rectangle pots are around two-thirds the height of the tree. Round or square pots are 1/3 the tree's height - unless the foliage is especially enormous, the container becomes broader, which is balanced by decreasing the pot's size.
    • Trident maples (which have quickly spreading roots) require deeper containers like fruit and blooming trees.


      • The design of the pots should correspond to the degree of masculinity or femininity of the bonsai tree. The closer you get, the more peaceful your ultimate Bonsai experience will be. To do this, I have numerous tools/qualities available to me as a potter.
      • Is it concave, convex, angular, round, oval, or rectangular in shape? Then, to modify the degree of femininity or masculinity, I may manipulate the rhyme, the feet, the glaze, and the décor. 
          Where to buy bonsai pots

            The Design Of A Bonsai Pot:

            • Male pots are often deep, angular, with crisp lines and sturdy feet. A lip on the rim strengthens masculinity, while an inner rhyme strengthens pot femininity. Feminine pots frequently include gentle lines, delicate feet, and a low, slim profile. Round pots and drum pots are considered androgynous.
            • When choosing a glaze for a pot, an essential guideline is that the color shows in the tree. Either in the bark, the leaf color, the fruit, or the flower color. As a result, unglazed brown, grey, and earth tones are often considered safe alternatives. Additionally, they keep the Bonsai tree warm and stable. However, we may also use opposing hues such as blue or cold green. They contribute to the composition's equilibrium and revitalize it.
            • The objective is to foster harmony. Observe what other people have done with their cannabis and discuss them. Visit museums, attend performances, and read books. Please do not be afraid to contact a potter. Bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all pot for your tree. There are frequently several options, and what is best is a question of personal preference, and you should be satisfied with your selection first and foremost.

              Where to buy bonsai pots?

              • When you believe your tree is ready, there are various options for finding a container. If you wonder where to buy bonsai pots near you, try to find a gardening store on the net around your city. 
              • Check our impressive Bonsai pots for sale, and you are more than welcome to place an order.
              • Alternatively, visit your local Bonsai nursery, fairs, and Bonsai events, where potters frequently present and sell their products.
              • Remember to bring all of the tree's dimensions and a photo. However, if you are knowledgeable and know what you are looking for, there are several auction sites and social media groups where pots may be found and purchased.

                Bonsai pots handmade

                In addition, there is the ability to create your own pot. There are many instructional videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to create a pot out of various materials.

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