Juniper bonsai tree

Juniper Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are truly exquisite and very beautiful to look at. The art of bonsai is actually a very delicate art of making miniature trees from plants that were supposedly meant to be tall and robust. A juniper tree is one of the often recommended trees for bonsai making. The reason why a juniper bonsai tree is appealing to many will be discussed in the following paragraphs.


Advantages Of A Juniper Bonsai Tree

The juniper bonsai tree is most likely among the list of trees that are easy to grow and maintain as bonsai trees. The juniper bonsai tree can actually be quite low maintenance when kept outdoors in a warm region. These trees grow well in a sunny region or country and they can adapt very easily to the region or area they are placed in. This low maintenance tree can also help the bonsai owner get used to caring for bonsais as the ease of taking care of it is very good encouragement for the owner or gardener.

Another plus for owning a juniper bonsai tree is its showiness. The leaves of a juniper bonsai tree or a life-sized tree, for that matter range from deep green to greenish blue depending on the variety of the juniper tree used for bonsai. Some people even think that the bonsai tree may be an artificial bonsai tree due to it being so showy, especially when it has flowers. The juniper bonsai tree will not only look good but for some varieties, it has a pleasant smell as well.

Another aspect of the juniper bonsai tree that some people see as an advantage is the fact that it has to go to dormancy at least once a year, at the very least. This fact of nature means that the plant is given a chance to rest and be dormant or in hibernation for a few weeks. This gives the bonsai owner a chance to shift the contents of the garden or home while placing the juniper bonsai tree in a shady spot which may be exposed to the sun at some point in the day.  

Since the juniper bonsai tree is considered to be quite easy to grow and maintain, these may be a great idea as a gift or for a newbie gardener. The ease of growth will help the owner realize his potential as a green thumb and encourage gardening some more.

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