Baby Jade Bonsai Tree Stone Landscape Scene (portulacaria afra)

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The rocks selected for this unusual arrangement are imported and washed in acid, making them strikingly unique.

We then cut and cement the rocks to one side of the pot and create an ample well on the opposite side to hold water.

A ceramic bridge is cemented to the rocks on either side.

A pagolda figurine is also added and cemented to the stone located above the bridge.

To complete the scene, we cement a miniature, glazed, mud figurine fisherman overlooking the water, holding a fishing pole and fish.

On the opposite side of the restful scene, we have selected for planting, the Baby Jade.

This succulent bonsai, also known as the "Elephant Bush", is native to South Africa and has pale green leaves that are almost round and about one-third the size of the common Jade plant.

The fleshy trunk, branches and leaves are used to store water.

An excellent indoor bonsai tree, great for home or office.

7 years old, 10" tall

Baby Jade care instructions

🍃 We keep our planet green!
Care instructions will be sent by email after tree purchase.

📦 some delays may occur in the winter to make sure your tree will arrive at you safely.

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