Flowering Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree - Medium - Curved Trunk Style (ehretia microphylla)

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The Flowering Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree is a beautiful tree that is native to the Fujian province of China.

This tree has small white flowers that can bloom at any time. The foliage is dark green and small in size. The flowers turn into red berries that turn darker with age.

Additional Info

  • Trained in the traditional layered style with a curved trunk
  • Loves humidity and does best in indirect sunlight
  • Comes in a medium size
  • 9 years old, 10" tall.

Our Customers Love Us

"I have had this tree for about a year now and it is doing great! I love the way it looks and I get compliments on it all the time." -Susan K.

"This was my first bonsai tree and I am so happy with it. It's so easy to take care of and it's just so beautiful to look at." -John D.

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