Flowering Surinam Cherry Bonsai Tree (eugenia uniflora)

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The Surinam Cherry Bonsai Tree is a sub-tropical evergreen with dark green ovate leaves formed in pairs. Striking red exfoliating (flaking) bark.

In spring, may bear small white flowers which is followed by red edible fruit. Popular landscape tree in the southern part of the USA. Ours is trained in the traditional bonsai style with a curved trunk and tiered branches.

Additional Info

  • Does very well indoors
  • Trained in the traditional bonsai style
  • Red edible fruit
  • 16 years old, 19" - 20" tall

Our Customers Love Us

"I was so excited to get my Surinam Cherry Bonsai Tree! It's even more beautiful than I expected." - Jane S.

"This has been such a fun tree to watch grow and change over the past year." - John D.

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